Daily Prompt: lie

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia nodded, readied herself mentally, stepped out of the shadows and stopped cold when a familiar form turned the corner. The lone figure moved closer and Natalia took a deep breath to stop shaking. Ashley. What was she doing here?

A cold dread worked itself into her gut. Donavon had been spending time with a woman while in San Francisco. Natalia had an awful feeling that the dangerous vampire was seeing Ashley. She tried to convince herself it was a coincidence; Ashley was here to visit a sick friend or relative. It was a hard lie to tell herself. Ashley had no relatives and her Slayer friends almost never went to the hospital. Natalia learned early that coincidences didn’t happen if you knew of the real terror that gripped the fragile human world. She started across the street then jogged as Ashley entered the hospital. Once inside, Natalia used the stairs to run up to the floor the Mayor was on, knowing Donavon would be there. She was able to hide herself well enough to observe Donavan at the Mayor’s door as she waited for the inevitable.

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