Daily Prompt: stunned

I’m on vacation and was away from internet (on my computer) fora few days. Yes, I am one of those odd individuals that prefers using internet on a computer for most things. I could have scheduled posts, but then forgot to. Because of course I did. But, I have access again! As a bonus, I’m sharing a longer passage.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Charlie watched as the beautiful human walked toward his group. No one had moved since she pushed Rebecca out of the way and launched herself at the demon. They had been too stunned at her actions and at Orlando’s death. Charlie stared at her face, and wondered at the transformation. She stood tall and looked sure of herself, but for the tears that streamed down her face. He caught the look in her eyes, closed his eyes and looked away. There was no emotion in her eyes. Although the tears betrayed the humanity that lay in her heart, her eyes did not look human. She had come a long way from the scared 18-year-old that had been thrown into the room with the trapped werewolf.

Charlie looked back to the woman he used to call his lover and found her staring at him. The look in her eye grabbed him and threatened to hold him up as the world crumbled at her feet. Charlie shook at the look, and understood it completely. She was his leader. The others around her seemed to sense the same thing. Rebecca handed her the scabbard for her sword, with her head bowed. Natalia sheathed the sword and called to him. Charlie came forward and fell to his knees at her feet. She handed him the sword and whispered for him to take it to the car. He nodded and left, as he knew his place well. He was her sword bearer and protector; would carry out his duty until she couldn’t wield the sword, and until he repaid his debt.

Vincent watched as his lady handed off the sword then walked to Orlando’s body. She knelt beside the corpse and carefully tried to remove him from the demon’s remnants. He watched also, as Rebecca came and helped to pick the headless body up and lay it carefully on the floor. Doug went for the head and laid it at the top of Orlando’s severed neck. Vincent thought it strange that though the body was human, the head was still Blitzkrieg. The wolves didn’t seem bothered by this and Natalia appeared not to notice as she picked the glass bits out of Orlando’s human body. Vincent also saw how the others reacted to her and wondered why. He handed the short sword to Joseph and hurried to Natalia.

Vincent placed his hand on her shoulder and waited until she turned the full force of that look upon him. He understood what the others had seen. She stood and faced him as his equal. He wondered if she realized how she looked. Vincent wiped her tears away and knew that later, much later, she would lie in his arms and cry for the loss of life. But now, as she removed the traces of the demon from Orlando’s skin, she would show nothing but her warrior’s face. It was something a leader would do. The others had seen that and responded to it.

Vincent found himself responding to the look as well. All he wanted was to draw her to him and give her a deep kiss. There was carnage around them, though and they were not done. Orlando was dead and Edwin escaped during the attack after he killed the mayor’s date. They had to get out of the house, as Edwin might have called the human authorities. He pulled away from Natalia, and gave orders. The others listened and did as they were told.

In minutes, his people were out the door, in the cars and headed back home. The sun had started to show itself in the east. Humans drove the limos and moved dividers up as soon as they could. Vincent and Natalia were in the back of the medium sized limo and the rest of his people had found their way into the large limo. He had not planned on this arrangement, but knew his people made it happen to give their leaders some privacy. Natalia leaned against him. She sighed as battle instinct left and his lover returned. He turned his head, kissed the top of her head, and inhaled her scent.

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