Daily Prompt: ribbons

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia yelled a warning too late. The Blitzkrieg howled in the same instant as it landed on the deadly creature. The Blitzkrieg’s foot long claws broke in succession; ten dry twigs under the pressure of a heavy boot.  The bits of glass and metal sank deep into the pads of his feet and flesh of his hands. The wolf still flung its mouth open and tried to sink its teeth into the demon’s nonexistent flesh. The wolf gave a mangled howl as his snout, gums and tongue were ripped into ribbons. The demon brought its glass hands up almost leisurely as the wolf tried to pry his teeth off the demon. As the wolf continued to struggle, the demon wrapped its deadly hands around the Blitzkrieg’s throat and started to squeeze.

Natalia pulled herself out of Rebecca’s arms and stood, her anger at the creature and fear for the wolf’s life clashed in her head and clouded her mind. She watched helplessly as the wolf’s head was ripped off by the sharp, jagged edges of the demon’s hands. The Blitzkrieg’s neck nearly exploded as the glass and metal creature sliced through the wolf’s flesh and showered Rebecca and Natalia with blood. The human saw Rebecca start to change and, in that instant, saw the reality of the situation. The wolves gathered nearby, ready to try and take this monstrosity down. All of them would die if they did. Calm battle instinct gripped her mind and all thoughts stilled. She took two quick steps to Rebecca and knocked the woman to the floor.

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