Daily Prompt: character

From Protector of the Grey House:

“I’m thirsty, Natalia. Let me drink from you.”

Natalia turned and smiled at Mierka. She moved her whole body to place her legs on the couch. One arm she positioned on the back of the couch with the other held up and out toward Mierka’s side. Mierka caressed Natalia’s arm as she came around the couch to sit with her. Natalia readjusted her body to allow Mierka to sit beside her, her arm still presented to the vampire. Mierka smiled at her, gently took her arm, and sank her fangs into the yielding flesh.

Natalia did everything she could to stay in character. As far as she was concerned, reacting mildly to Mierka’s bite would be the hardest part of the act. As Mierka sucked on her blood, Natalia had to stop herself from moving closer to the vampire. She turned her head a little and licked her lips as she looked into Mierka’s eyes.

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