Daily Prompt: groan

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia stood carefully in his hold, wondering if she would be able to get away if he tried what his eyes were suggesting he wanted to do. She knew she couldn’t fight him without a weapon. The closest thing to a weapon within reach was the hairdryer, which was sitting on the counter, cord wrapped around the nozzle. It was hefty enough, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to knock him out with it. Natalia groaned and leaned into her vampire as his hand ran down her side and he growled into her neck. Her breath caught as she realized she almost wanted him to do it.

Her hand found his hair, tangled in the short soft mane. “Vincent. Please.

Her voice was so torn by desire; neither knew what she was asking. Vincent pulled away gently, his own desire gripping him to the breaking point. He turned her around and tipped her head up to look into her fiery eyes. Her lower lip was quivering. His own hand shaking, he reached into her hair and started pulling out her bobby pins, letting her hair fall over her shoulders. He moved very slowly, taming the raging beast that threatened to tear out her jugular.

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