Daily Prompt: am

Oddly, ‘am’ is only used fifteen times in this novel. I figured it would be higher, but then I usually use ‘I’m’ instead of ‘I am’.

From Protector of the Grey House:

He glared at her as she left the bed then turned and saw Joseph. The look in Vincent’s eyes was not kind. “You didn’t bring blood?”

“I wanted to speak with you privately.”

“I’m hungry.”

“This is also not the place for humans, or have you forgotten that?”

Vincent glared at Joseph again. “I’m hungry.”

“Sir, there was an issue today with Natalia.”

Vincent threw back the covers and stood. He looked around and found his cloths. As he dressed, he glared again at Joseph. “When is there not an issue with that woman?”

“Sir…” There was an odd tone to his voice, to indicate he needed to continue.

“I want blood and I want my woman. Once I am fed and have seen to her, I will listen to you. For now, get out.”

Mierka and Joseph exchanged glances. Mierka shook her head and as she was dressed, started to leave the room. Joseph followed her. Once dressed, Vincent left the room as well.

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