Daily Prompt: percent

After finding and reading this passage, I realized I wanted to reword it. Therefore, sharing as is and changing it after the fact.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia tore her eyes away and found herself staring at the hole not three feet from the edge of her toes. She knew whatever was down there was weak and hungry. It had fed, but probably not enough. Joseph warned her the ghul would kill her, but that was when she was weak and unprepared. Now, though she was not one hundred percent, she was close, and she was prepared. If she jumped down, she might die, but Edwin would not have her. If she jumped, Charlie would probably follow her. She could fight the ghul until Charlie came to get her.

Though she was prepared, she didn’t have any weapons, except her brains, determination and her boots. And Charlie. Charlie was a weapon. Currently he was a gun without bullets, impotent with his concern for her. He could change and kill everyone in this room, then jump down to help her. Should he Blitzkrieg in the small room he would hurt her. No maybes about it. He wouldn’t unleash his rage until she was safe. There was no way to escape out the door; Edwin was blocking the door on this side. There were two men on the other side, standing side by side. She didn’t want to rush Edwin, in case he decided to use the gun on her.

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