Daily prompt: slumped

From Protector of the Grey House:

Charlie landed on his feet, seeing nothing but Natalia, who was pressed face first against the wall. Something had its head buried in her neck, trying to suck her dry. It was naked, very dirty and getting larger as it drank from Natalia. Charlie raked the creature’s back with his long claws, causing it to pull away from Natalia. The ghul spun around as Charlie attacked. He swiped twice at the thing’s neck, taking off its head. It turned to dust and Charlie roared. The joyous cry stopped short when he saw Natalia’s body slumped on the ground.

Charlie changed back to human before touching Natalia. He saw the blood on her back and hissed in sympathy. The wounds on her neck and back were bleeding freely. He had scratched her up in his haste to kill the creature. Natalia was out cold, perhaps thankfully. Charlie ripped her shirt up more than it was and hurriedly pressed a makeshift bandage to her neck. The blood held it in place and he turned into wolf form. Charlie did his best to lick her wounds clean, changed back to human and used the rest of her ripped shirt as a bandage for her back. It was too dark to know if he had done a good enough job, and the place reeked of death and decay. He worried about infection, but there was nothing he could do.

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