Daily Prompt: bastard

The word that helped me find this passage was actually ‘brand’ which found ‘brandy’. I read the passage and realized I wanted to share the ‘bastard’ part on Twitter, as I love that exchange. If you’re not aware, you can only post so many words on Twitter.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Without another word, she left the room. He went to the door and watched as she walked upstairs. A moment later, Vincent appeared from around the corner, from the direction of the security room. The men nodded to each other as Vincent went to sit behind his desk. Anthony closed the door then took his seat again. He picked up his glass of brandy and took a sip.


“You’re a bastard.” He looked Vincent in the eyes as he stated the fact.

“You knew that already.”

“You let…” his voice trailed off as a memory consumed him. His eyes opened wide, and his mouth dropped open. “She hypnotized Edwin.”

“Perhaps.” The look in his eyes indicated he would say no more on the subject. “Why are you more affected by that than the fact that she was able to hypnotize you?”

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