Daily Prompt: foolish

From Protector of the Grey House:

She took his head in her hands and forced him to pay attention. “That would be foolish. The sword must be kept secret. And if any of Lorraine’s vampires touched the sword, they would be dead. I will not go as your protector.”

“Then come as my lover.”

“What about Lorraine?” She caressed his cheeks again, loving the feel of him against her fingers.

“What about my sire?” He was tired of talking. She was distracting him too much. He contemplated biting her neck to quiet her words but couldn’t reach her neck from his lower position.

“Will she seduce you?”

“Yes.” He didn’t seem to want the questions to continue.

“Will you let her?”

He looked in her eyes, to ensure she saw he told the truth. “Yes.”

“Even if I’m there?”

He was quiet as he stared into her trusting, loving eyes. He closed his eyes then stood and sat her on the table. He started to pace to avoid answering. He felt her hand on his arm and turn to look at her.

“Your answer, vampire.”

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