Daily Prompt: tips

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent stood to turn her around and played with the laces that held the corset together. It had been a long time since he had the pleasure of unlacing a lady. Natalia had no idea how much she enticed him with the corset. He pulled the laces free of the knots, then wrapped the laces around his hand and pulled the laces tighter. She inhaled sharply as the garment bit into her skin and squeezed her ribs closer together. He let go of the lace tips, grasped the lowest and highest lace crossing, and pulled until the laces were taunt. He worked his way to the middle of the corset slowly and watched his lover’s face in the mirror. She moaned as the metal boning constricted her lungs and inhibited her breath.

“The next time you wear one of these, you’ll have to let me help you.” He pulled the middle-crossed lace, and leaned into her ear. “Breathe out, love. Let me tie this proper.”

“Can’t breathe.”

Oh, the desire in her voice. He growled into her ear and pulled the lace hard. She cried out as the metal boning pressed further into her skin.

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