Daily Prompt: cut

From Protector of the Grey House:

All this information ran through the large vampire’s head as the man came closer. Satisfied with the situation, Vincent used his full speed and ran at the human. The man didn’t even notice. When Vincent slammed into him hard, the man screamed, but it was cut short. Vincent banged the human against a nearby tree which knocked the air out his lungs. As the man gulped for breath, Vincent laid his hand over the man’s mouth. The man tried to scream again, but Vincent grinned, elongated his fangs, and hissed.

The man screamed through Vincent’s hand, but the sounded didn’t carry. In seconds, Vincent had his mouth wrapped around the man’s neck, his teeth buried deep in the human’s flesh. He ripped open the jugular and drank the coppery liquid that bled free. The man didn’t have time to struggle before all his blood was gone. Vincent pulled back from the corpse and dropped it to the ground.

“Did that satisfy you?” Lorraine’s voice called softly from the shadows.

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