Daily Prompt: swallows

From Protector of the Grey House:

Lorraine stepped close to her, as she knew it would drive her child mad. She positioned herself to stare into Vincent’s eyes as she sank her teeth into his human’s flesh. The vampire drank four slow swallows of the human’s blood. Natalia inhaled with the pain but did nothing to stop the vampire. When Lorraine pulled away Natalia used the over long shirt to stop the blood flow and watched as Lorraine walked quickly to Vincent and kissed him.

Vincent almost fell to his knees as the taste of his woman’s blood on his sire’s tongue nearly released the beast within him. He crushed Lorraine to him and lifted her off the ground. He kissed her deeply, as he tried to suck the taste of Natalia out of Lorraine. Not satisfied, he nearly dropped her and turned to Natalia.

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