Daily Prompt: experiments

From Protector of the Grey House:

Her nails dug into his flesh as she considered his proposition. Vincent had refrained from drinking her blood for the past month, to allow her to be at full strength for the experiments. She grudgingly accepted his explanation, as she knew it was probably for the best. But now, as Joseph scraped his fangs against her tender skin, she wondered if it had been a mistake. Her nails dug in deeper as he bit her ever so gently on her neck. He retracted his fangs as he bit, as he knew better than to draw blood without permission. Instead, he pulled his wrist to her mouth and beckoned her to drink the salty liquid that poured from his wound. She drank more than she meant to as he whispered dark ideas into her ear.

Vincent watched the spectacle, hands forming into fists. Mierka sat at his desk, fascinated by the look on Natalia’s face. Her expression kept changing from a pained expression to one of desire. Mierka guessed the human did not want to enjoy being in Joseph’s arms. When Joseph let the human go, Natalia staggered, and tried to catch her balance. She looked around nervously, as if unsure of those around her. Vincent reached forward and lifted her chin to look in her eyes. The glazed look she had faked with Anthony threatened to come into her eyes.

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