Daily Prompt: push

From Protector of the Grey House:

Nevertheless, the disquieting feeling was almost overpowering.

It subsided as the limo drew closer to the house and he let himself relax. Perhaps it was just anxiety. He pushed it to the side and allowed himself to rely on the women who ran his house. The car finally stopped, and the back door opened to reveal Lorraine a black silk robe. Vincent was the closest to the door and went straight for Lorraine. He kissed her on the cheek, and stepped back to admire her in her rather inappropriate outfit.

“Sire. Your warriors have returned.”

“There is blood if you need it.” She announced to the group at large. She linked her arm with Vincent’s, started him toward the house, and almost ignored the rest. “Come. Take me to bed and tell me all about it.”

The disquieting feeling a mere mouse of a whisper in the back of his thoughts, he picked Lorraine up, carried her into her house, and upstairs to her bedroom. She laughed delightedly the whole time. Behind them, a disgruntled Rowland scowled after them. Joseph, who understood Rowland’s feelings leaned forward and voiced his thoughts.

“When was the last time you shared her?”

“The last time he was here.” Rowland shared Lorraine’s bed for many years, as long as Vincent was on the other side of the country.

“Why not take another while he sleeps within your sire’s house?”

“Because currently, I don’t desire another.” Rowland walked into the house in search of blood. Joseph smiled to himself and followed the disgruntled vampire in as Anthony came up beside him.

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