Daily Prompt: cowering

From Protector of the Grey House:

She went Blitzkrieg, tore down the steps, and bellowed her wrath. There were more shots fired, which just fueled the woman’s passion. Mangled screams emanated from the dungeon, cut short by vampires dying. Less than a minute later Rebecca yelled up the stairs.

“Edwin’s yours, sir. He’s cowering at the top of the oubliette.”

Vincent was down the steps so quickly Ben and Anthony hardly saw him. When he passed a near naked Rebecca, he was no more than wind. Edwin fired at him to no avail. The ex-Captain was pressed against the wall before he could fire more than two shots. He screamed in pain as Vincent ripped off the hand holding the gun.

“It would pleasure me greatly to kill you now, but I will follow the rules and kill you in front of an audience.”

“You kill me; you’ll never find your bitch.”

“Vincent? VINCENT!” A familiar voice rang from the oubliette. In all the years Vincent had known the werewolf, this was the first time Charlie sounded happy to hear his boss’s voice.

Rebecca, ran to the edge of the hole, and leaned over as far as she dared. Relief flooded her very being. “Charlie!” Her voice turned upset. “I’m going to kick your ass when you get up here! Don’t you dare to that again!”

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