Daily Prompt: nerves

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia continued to back up as she wracked her memory for the demon’s weak spot. It was something obvious, but she couldn’t remember. She slowed her breath to calm her nerves and give herself time to think. It’s movements were unhurried. It bellowed and threatened but didn’t attack as if assessing her strengths. Natalia backed up again. She danced out of its way as it swung and realized her mistake. She had forgotten where she left her shoes, stepped on one of them, and almost stumbled to the ground. Rebecca caught her and pulled her to the right as a dark brown form leapt from her left and hurled itself at the advancing demon.

Natalia yelled a warning too late. The Blitzkrieg howled in the same instant as it landed on the deadly creature. The Blitzkrieg’s foot long claws broke in succession; ten dry twigs under the pressure of a heavy boot.  The bits of glass and metal sank deep into the pads of his feet and flesh of his hands. The wolf still flung its mouth open and tried to sink its teeth into the demon’s nonexistent flesh. The wolf gave a mangled howl as his snout, gums and tongue were ripped into ribbons. The demon brought its glass hands up almost leisurely as the wolf tried to pry his teeth off the demon. As the wolf continued to struggle, the demon wrapped its deadly hands around the Blitzkrieg’s throat and started to squeeze.

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