Daily Prompt: habits

From Protector of the Grey House:

“This time, you placed this house and the people in it in grave danger. Though you are not a Slayer, you are well trained. You have been trained by vampires and, though you may not realize it yet, are skilled enough to kill us all. You know our habits, you know our lives, you know our strengths and weaknesses.” He reached out and placed his hand around her new pendant with a gentle hand.

Natalia’s breath hitched and something changed in her look. Internally, Joseph felt relief. Externally, he showed no reaction. “He gave you rank, human. Rank. I saw your thoughts when he placed this around your neck. You did not think you deserved this. After your actions today, I have to concur.”

During his speech, Joseph carried the human into the newly opened cell. He held her out over the oubliette, his arm outstretched. He stood still and gave her a cold, hard look.

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