Daily Prompt: state

This is a little late today due to lack of sleep, which led to MS issues… some days, I lose the fight. And I’m ok with that. I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for following along with my writing journey and reading the passages of my book.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Annoyed, Vincent nevertheless stopped and took a breath. He felt as his lungs took in air, then released it. When he did not immediately feel anger or any residual animal hunger, he turned to Lorraine. “I’m fine.”

She believed him, to a degree. When he was in this state, he often overlooked how he felt until it was too late. He had release some of his frustrations though, therefore she nodded. “Fine, but do you really want to leave yet?”

“I have things to take care of at home.”

She nodded. “Would you like to take a few minutes to freshen up before your flight?”

“I wish to leave.”

Lorraine didn’t like the short answers, but knew she could do nothing about it. She nodded. “Let me know if there is anything more you need.”

Vincent nodded, gathered the rest of his clothes, and left the room. Lorraine shook her head, then went to her office to call Joseph. She felt it best to inform the man of Vincent’s state of mind.

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