Daily Prompt: spread

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia felt the calm she felt pass to her lover through her blood. Rather than take it away, his feeding seemed to spread it and complete it. When he pulled away and turned her around to kiss her, she could see the same look on his face she felt on her own.

Vincent placed his hands on her checks and drew her lips closer. Every movement seemed to take a lifetime, but there was no longer any hurry to his thoughts or anxiety to his actions. The kiss was long and drawn out, unlike his usual frantic embraces when he tasted his blood on her tongue. The slow seduction continued, unhindered by the absence of time. Vincent knew that at any moment, someone, probably Joseph, would knock on the door and disturb this calm, slow dance. As time passed and no one knocked, his thoughts faded away and he became one with the touch of her.

Vincent placed on the counter, caressed, and kissed her softly which caused her head to spin. Her smile of earlier continued to grow, until it was nearly a laugh. To laugh, she would have had to think, and the fog of her mind was too complete for something as complex as thought. She knew nothing but his touch and his stroke, as he had somehow found his way inside her. Euphoria set in slowly, climbed up their bodies and surrounded them in a hazy cocoon.

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