Daily Prompt: poor

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Mom didn’t sleep with all of them. There were only three that she actually slept with.” Her anger bit through her words.

“She let them think she did. They left knowing of her intimately, whether or not they had actually seen her. Isn’t that just as bad? She had to tell them enough of herself to be convincing. And I fell in love with her. When she told me her trick, I fooled myself into thinking it was ok to be with her. Then I saw you, and knew the true power of temptation.”

He sounded like Lucas, but Lucas had had the voices in his head. Donald was a fanatic and possibly insane. During his soliloquy Natalia moved her arms back and forth, to test her range of motion. He’d done a poor job of tying her; she could maneuver her arms to the edge of the chair. She could gather the fabric in her hands. This allowed her to reach her jacket pockets, which still contained her stash of anti-vampire weapons. She needed the knife though, and that was in the pocket on her right side, which was the side closest to Donald.

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