Daily Prompt: appraised

This may change in its final form. It’s part of the book I changed recently and I feel like Anthony would need more reason not to pursue the topic of Vincent with Joseph.

From Protector of the Grey House:

When Anthony arrived two hours later, Vincent and Mierka were still occupied in Vincent’s room. Joseph hoped they stayed their while he spoke to Anthony. They went to Vincent’s study. Joseph turned off the recording devices and allowed Anthony to sit where he wanted.

“I still don’t understand why Vincent isn’t present.”

“I will allow him to speak to you on this later. For the moment, can you get the ring out?”

Anthony appraised Joseph for a moment then decided not to pursue the conversation about Vincent. He shook his head. “The problem isn’t in removing it. It’s in what to do with it. I can’t take it to my place. I have humans living on both sides of me.”

Joseph looked frustrated. “I forgot about that. Can we throw it in the ocean?”

“It’ll come back, being worn by a human. A diver or someone will hear it. It’s how Vincent acquired it in the first place.”

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