Daily Prompt: tight

From Protector of the Grey House:

She paused again. Vincent went to stand behind her and placed a restraining hand on her shoulder. She looked as if she wanted to pounce on Anthony. “I went. I had no desire to hurt the Slayers; they gathered knowledge, not bodies. I arrived at their apartment and Wayne was there, captured, and tied to the wall. There were six Slayers there I had never met, along with the four that I had been talking to. The six new ones were dressed in tight comfortable clothing, like we do when we spar here. I figured them for warriors, rather than information gatherers. Apparently, Wayne didn’t know not to look through Slayer’s windows. The four I knew had seen him and called reinforcements. When I arrived, two of the warriors grabbed my arms. I let them, as I wanted to understand what was going on. I recognized Wayne but wasn’t sure why he was there.”

She ground her teeth and her hands formed into fists. “They spent the next few hours cutting his skin off in thin strips. When he wouldn’t talk, they fed him my blood.” Vincent’s hand tightened on her shoulder. Anthony glanced away from her to watch Vincent’s reaction. The lead vampire revealed no emotions, therefore Anthony once again captured Natalia’s gaze. He listened to her story, to try and find any lies.

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