Daily Prompt: action

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia stood by the window in the sitting room and stared out at the land around her. She tried to peer into the darkness, and wondered where the wolves were. The sky was clouded over and hid the nearly full moon. Time spun away as she stared into the gloom and a small voice in her mind called to her and urge her to return to the secret room. Worn out from the past few days, she stood at the window and pushed all thoughts aside. She didn’t hear when Mierka and Joseph passed her. They moved silently which allowed Vincent to sneak up behind his woman. Her first indication of his presence was when he placed his hands to either side of her on the window and pressed himself against her. The action trapped her between the windowpane and the large vampire. She leaned into him fully and waited for his next move.

“Did he do anything to you that I haven’t?” He nuzzled her neck as his hunger grew.

“He told you?” The glass was warmer than he and she could feel his desire in his strength.

“He didn’t have to. You smell like him. If you didn’t reek of his scent, I’d have thrown you on the floor and taken what’s mine.”

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