Daily Prompt: bold

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Who is this?” Dominic stepped forward to ask the question. He had a lecherous look on his face as he looked Natalia up and down.

Natalia stepped away from her man, and faced the bold vampire down. He was the same height as her. Natalia stared at him coldly until he looked away and took a step back. She still scrutinized the man, and assessed him as he tried not to meet her gaze. He fidgeted in his new suit, uncomfortable with the tight cotton. It was obvious he almost never wore anything so formal. Vincent had sent his Lieutenants suits and dresses, as he knew that most did not own formal wear. The new clothing made half the assembled look uncomfortable.

As Natalia stared down Dominic, another voice echoed the question. This voice was more submissive, more admiring. “Yes, Vincent. Who is this?” Natalia turned to the voice, smiled to Rowland, then gave him a small bow.

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