Daily Prompt: kneeling

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia swung the small extinguisher over her shoulder, and held it with her right hand while her hand left went to her side. She leaned into her left leg, her feet shoulder width apart, ten feet from Alexandra. She stared at the kneeling mass of charred vampire, a slight smirk on her face. The room was so quiet she could hear Alexandra’s skin as it crackled. She waited, and watched as more and more of the creature’s skin healed. She wondered if the woman might still be capable of hurting her. Seconds later, Alexandra moved toward her. Natalia swung the extinguisher and connected with Alexandra’s head when the woman was two feet from her reach. The solid TANG! of the extinguisher hitting her skull echoed in the high ceiling room and Alexandra went sprawling. The side of her head was sunken in, but she still healed herself.

Natalia stepped forward swiftly, swung her weapon around and brought the flat bottom down hard. The unyielding metal slammed into the vampire’s head to crush bone and brain. It was finally enough. Alexandra tried once more to heal the damage, failed, and turned to dust with one final wordless sound. Natalia looked up and caught Vincent’s eye, then glanced around the room. She stood tall and left the extinguisher on the ground.

“Anyone else?” Her voice was louder than it needed to be, to emphasize her agitation. Footsteps sounded as someone stepped forward from behind her. Natalia turned as Lorraine spoke.

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