Daily Prompt: indiscriminately

From Protector of the Grey House:

“I will fight both of you! Step aside and let her speak!”

“You wouldn’t listen to us, which leads me to believe you would not listen to her either.”

Anthony watched from the sidelines as Mierka, and Joseph protected Natalia. He did not like this in the least. He had seen it before a few days ago. It didn’t sit well then and it didn’t sit well now. But, as Vincent’s entire demeanor changed to one of deadly calm, Anthony became terrified for the human. Vincent anger showed itself in different stages. The first was calm, then demonstrative, then back to calm. The second calm was deadly. In those moments of calm, he pretended to himself that he thought of his actions. He did not. He merely acted, and killed indiscriminately.

All this happened in a second. Anthony knew Vincent well. As Vincent’s jaw twitched to reveal he was about to move, Anthony shouted.

“Enough!” Those in the foyer looked to Anthony. Anthony looked to Vincent. “I was asked here to reveal a betrayer. I mean to complete my task.” He looked to Natalia. “I will start with your story. Please come with me. I believe Vincent’s study will do for an interrogation room.”

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