Daily Prompt: knee

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent’s eyes moved from her lovely features to Charlie’s frantic one. He caught the werewolf’s eyes, which stilled the ramble of words. Charlie’s expression went from anxious to confused to frightened understanding to acceptance. He bowed his head and fell to one knee.

“She still owns my life. If mine is necessary to save hers, I gladly give it.”

“Not your life: your blood.” He looked back at Natalia. “Possibly.”

Charlie stood, then went to lean against the nearby wall. “When?”

“If Rebecca can’t find ropes soon.”

“What will she do to you?” He remembered his own attempt to change Natalia.

“I don’t care. I will not allow her life to end this way.”

Charlie stared up at the large vampire as he stood almost in the center of the low light, and held Natalia as if she were weightless. He had the idea that Vincent would stand there contemplating her life for an eternity without thought to anything else around him. Commotion above them broke the picture.

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