Daily Prompt: urgency

From Protector of the Grey House:

“She’s headed to the room again.”

Vincent, Joseph and Mierka turned and ran for the stairs. In their haste and urgency, they used their vampiric speed and were in the secret room in seconds. The scene made all three open their eyes wide. All the closets were open, either by a crack, or thrown wide open. No items had been taken out, but there was broken glass at Natalia’s feet. She had broken the fifth case in. Vincent knew what was there and was ready to thrash Natalia for her insolence. She had gone too far. He started toward her, but Mierka moved quickly and stepped in his way.

“Stop. Look at the situation better.” Mierka held him back as he appraised the room. Natalia stood in front of the case, hand out. She stared at her outstretched hand, which shook noticeably. Her face showed strain and deep concentration, and her teeth were clenched. The look on her face indicated she fought with herself.

“Natalia.” He was able to control his voice enough to sound pleasant.

Her head turned minutely as her hand reached forward. She turned back to her hand and it came back. She strained a little more and managed to talk, but each word was broken into its own sentence as she struggled with her will.

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