Daily Prompt: beg

From Protector of the Grey House:

“I like to know the name of the people I kill. Makes it easier to pray for their souls.” She mocked him.

He visibly grew more righteous. “You will beg for mercy before the end comes.”

A seductive look came over her features. “That would be a great way to go.”

The father took a cross out of his suit and flashed it before her. He started frothing scripture. The words ran together and became unknowable. Natalia simply yawned and watched as her people got into position. The werewolves were still human, but Rebecca grinned with anticipation, yellow eyes blazing. Charlie looked ready to launch himself at the priest, and two of the humans had stepped up behind Natalia to guard her rear. Their guns were not yet visible, but their hands were at the ready. Natalia did not want to risk a fight in such small of a space, therefore turned her attention to Ashley.

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