Daily Prompt: gun

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia hadn’t expected to be launched across the room into Lorraine’s group, but she was. She didn’t expect to feel what she had under Rowland’s jacket, but she did. By the time Rowland stood and Vincent turned Alexandra’s attention on her, Natalia had Rowland’s gun in her hand. She didn’t know why the vampire carried a gun and didn’t care. It wasn’t important. There were no other weapons in the room. She had to improvise and use whatever she could get her hands on.

The handgun was a semi-auto, built to hold about 15 rounds in the clip. Natalia noticed all this in the seconds it took to pull the simple black gun out of Rowland’s shoulder holster, turn and point it at Alexandra. She had been trained to use guns too, years ago in Montana. It was simply better to use weapons that left less obvious traces. She sighted the vampire aimed high on the woman’s chest and fired. Enough conventional bullets might blow the woman’s head off.

The bullet hit the woman’s chest, and the vampire started to scream as her skin sizzled into life.

“Phosphorous rounds,” thought Natalia. “The damn vampire was carrying a gun with phosphorous rounds. What an ingenious idea.”

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