Daily Prompt: room

From Protector of the Grey House:

“No word from your spies?” He aimed the question at Anthony’s reflection.

“No sir.” Anthony told him about having her followed when she did not return after the second day. Vincent was angry, but not surprised. He took the information in stride and asked for any information. Unfortunately, Wayne had not reported for four days.

“Still don’t understand why you had her followed.” Mierka was aggravated, which was rare for her. It showed the men in the room how angry and worried she really was about the situation.

“Calm yourself Mierka, he was only doing his job.” Vincent turned from the window, regarded the only silent one in the room. As always, Joseph kept his opinions to himself, until he had Vincent’s ear only. Since he wondered at his loyal friend’s thoughts, he caught Mierka and Anthony’s gazes. “Leave us. Go train. We’ll join you shortly.”

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