Daily Prompt:

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent stood in front of the rest of Morgan’s younglings. He presented them his back, almost as if to dare them to try something. “I’m going to give you a chance to talk with me rather than just killing you right now Morgan. Despite your lack of loyalty, you have shown yourself to be a rather valuable source of information. But you are replaceable. So, you, Anthony, Kari, Markus and I will sit down and have a nice quiet chat, while my men figure out what to do with your younglings. Agreed?”

He heard movement behind him. A voice spoke up and tried to sound tough.

“We’re not going anywhere. We stay with Mor-”

The youngling’s sentence was cut off Vincent’s hand squeezed his throat. Vincent pulled the young vampire to his face and stared the ignorant fool down.

Vincent snorted at the ridiculous boy before him. He had white makeup all over his face and neck with black eyeliner, mascara, and black lipstick. He wore black leather…everything. He was what society regarded as Goth, and what the vampires called an easy meal. Vincent briefly looked upon the remaining eleven boys and girls. Most seemed to finally understand what was going to happen to them. All were easy meals. He understood now how Morgan had gotten them. He hadn’t looked for worthy candidates. Morgan had chosen easy targets: cannon fodder. These children were to keep him occupied while, what? Morgan tried to get the drop on him? Vincent glanced at Morgan. The man still sat on the ground. He hadn’t even bothered getting up. Vincent turned back to the young one in his hand. The boy struggled and clawed at Vincent’s hand, to try and pry open the vise-like grip of his long fingers. Vincent barely noticed.

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