Daily Prompt: ocean

From Protector of the Grey House:

This was the room; this was the view. This was where her dream took place. This was where Joseph would give her her first drink of blood as her sire. She stepped onto the deck and gazed in wonder at the ocean beyond. It was a beautiful, awful view. She held back a sob, as she understood that one day, she would no longer be able to see the ocean during the day. She wondered at the deck, but figured the glass had to be protected. Vincent told her that even with the protected glass, it was dangerous for vampires to be in direct sunlight. Vincent probably didn’t usually use the deck during the day.

“Natalia,” a soft, stern voice called.

She turned to the door and saw Joseph’s hand held out to her. His skin became pink as she watched. As she had suspected, even with the protective glass, full daylight was dangerous to vampires. With a sigh, she stepped back to the door and took his offered hand. He pulled her through and closed the glass door behind her.

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