Daily Prompt: appeared

From Protector of the Grey House:

He could see her on his bed in the tower room, olive skin marked with streaks of glorious crimson. She appeared dead, but he knew better. In his vision, she turned to look at him and opened her mouth. Though she lay on her back, the blood in her mouth poured out as if she were on the ceiling. It surrounded him, soaked him, and aroused him beyond his original state. Vincent grunted in pain as the vision continued to wrap its hideous claws into his psyche, dug its nails of delusion deep within his mind until he couldn’t distinguish between reality and fantasy.

The large vampire clutched the edge of his wooden desk in an attempt to funnel his appetite away from himself, as he knew he couldn’t release it on his woman. She wouldn’t be able to take it. As he felt the wood dent, he knew he had to leave for a day or two. He had to be with a woman who could take him on and feed his aggressive tendencies. After this evening’s affairs he would visit Lorraine. It would be easier to sleep with Mierka, but that was dangerous. The idea of releasing his hunger on one woman when Natalia would be accessible down the hall terrified him. Should he take another with the knowledge that his true lover was within reach, he would go to the human and conceivably harm her.

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