Daily Prompt: heard

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent’s fingers drummed quicker, annoyed at the truth in Joseph’s simple words, and at his own jealousy. His thoughts stopped as he understood he had made a decision regarding Natalia. He looked away from Joseph, toward the door, then looked back. He stood.

“We’re done.”

Vincent left the room as Joseph nodded. The vampire headed up the stairs quickly but stopped at the sitting room door. He composed himself and walked in slowly. He continued on to his bedroom and found Natalia. She stood at the window, her back to the door. Vincent leaned against the doorframe and wondered at his woman’s thoughts. She hadn’t heard him and therefore stayed at the window; the curtain slightly open.


She drew in a deep breath and turned at the sound of his voice. He frowned slightly at the look on her face. She did, in fact, look remorseful. “Hello.”

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