Daily Prompt: impatience

From Protector of the Grey House:

Diana helped her rinse her hair then helped her out of the tub. Vincent watched with jealousy as the healer dried his woman off with a large towel, steps away. He crossed his arms, and balled his hands into fists. Though he wanted to reach out and grab her, there was business to take care of first. Vincent stared at his woman instead, and ground his teeth with impatience as he waited for her to acknowledge him. Diana left before Natalia said a word.

“Did you need something?” She looked at him sidelong, barley turning toward him.

“I have to speak with you.”

“About what?” She took the hair dryer and plugged it in. She turned it on low to continue talking undisturbed. She felt sleepy, and calm, and wanted nothing more than to lie on her bed and drift in her thoughts.

“I just finished a conversation with Lorraine.” His eyes traced Natalia’s body, as he wished he had time.

“Your sire?” She sighed and turned off the dryer. She finally faced him, her calm still fully intact. “What’s going on?”

“I have to go. She needs my help.”

“How long?” She stepped in front of him and let the towel drop from around her torso.

He ground his teeth, closed his eyes, and squeezed his fists tighter. It was becoming increasingly difficult not to throw her down on the floor and have his way with her. He just didn’t have the time. “I leave tonight and stay no more than three nights.”

Natalia reached out and caressed his closed fist. He opened his eyes when he heard her gasp. “What did you do?”

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