Daily Prompt: stool

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Why did you contact me?” Ashley turned angrily on her stool as her voice grew loud.

“I fought something you need to know about.” She looked around, then turned back to face the kitchen. “It’s all in the journals, but many Slayers ignored these demons because of who talked about them. I brought photocopies as proof. I’d have brought you the creatures, but I don’t know how to control them, and had to kill them instead.”

Ashley took the papers and skimmed the pages. “You’re kidding.”

“That’s what I said.”

“These aren’t real.”

“As real as everything else.”

“Let’s say they’re real. Why did you want to tell me?”

“Someone needs to know they exist so that they can be stopped. They’ll kill humans or possibly give them diseases, if all the accounts are true. Don’t you guys try and stop creatures that kill humans?” Natalia reached into her pocket, pulled out a five and placed it on the counter next to her untouched coffee. Though she had tried to keep the waitress in her sights, she had not seen Delores pour all of it and was not about to drink the coffee. “They’re real, they exist. They can be killed. All the information is in the papers I gave you. Read it and be prepared. I’ll see you next time.”

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