Daily Prompt: crashed

From Protector of the Grey House:

Lorraine waited for her child to realize the decision had already been made. When he shook his head and backed away, she smiled impishly. Natalia stood off center and Lorraine charged, since she had the advantage.

Natalia saw Lorraine move before Vincent was completely out of the way, but it didn’t matter. When the smaller woman hit her, Natalia simply fell back and threw the vampire off her with her feet. She was up before Lorraine was, barely. Lorraine charged again but this time, Natalia grabbed her arm and used the woman’s momentum to swing her into the crowd. Lorraine crashed into Rowland and Maxine, who stopped her fall and helped her up. She turned back to Natalia, who simply waited.

Vincent watched as Lorraine walked to face off with Natalia. He gnashed his teeth, and thought about stopping the unfair fight, but Natalia was doing fine. Had she a sword, she would be winning. As it was, she held her own. When Lorraine started to circle Natalia, Vincent grew nervous. Lorraine didn’t fight much, but she was deadly up close.

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