Daily Prompt: fade

I was rereading a chapter of a novel I finished some time ago, and came across something I feel is very true. Therefore, I am sharing something today that is not from The Grey House Trilogy, but from a series currently called Evelyn of Kaymbria:

He bowed, as did she. King Horace went on his way and Evelyn turned to Leisian.

“I still don’t understand how a dragon can fade into the background.”

Leisian nodded and started to lead Evelyn to the entrance of the courtyard. “A dragon can rarely fade into the background. A dragon hiding as a human is already hiding, which makes it easier to fade into the background.”

“Ah.” She slipped her arm through his then let go once they were in the courtyard. Leisian moved away and turned into a dragon. Evelyn climbed onto his back, settled herself and he took off. They were at Marsu Valley in what felt like moments. They landed in her fields, which looked to be plowed. Evelyn wondered at this, as she walked home. Leisian turned human and walked with her. Once out of the fields, they went to Mr. Crafter’s home, where everyone was enjoying dinner. Sarah was very happy to see her daughter.

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