Daily Prompt: word

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia’s eyes grew wide. She pulled back from her lover, balled her hands into fists and pounded him on the chest. “NO!”

The word reverberated in the high ceiling room. Several of Vincent’s men stepped away from the pair. Vincent grabbed her to him, and let her bellow into his shoulder and neck. She calmed, but only because she had no other choice. He was right. Had either of them decided to tell Anthony the truth about their first meeting, he might not mistrust her so completely. It was their fault he sent someone after her. She sagged into her lover, and felt the solid weight of him. To contain her anger at herself, she bit down on his neck, not aware she did it.

Vincent felt the bite and his body reacted. He crushed her to him, and curled his fingers into her back. His eyes closed, and hid the passion that swan there. To control himself, Vincent pulled away from her gently. The situation with Anthony had not reached its conclusion. He spoke softly to Natalia. “Go upstairs, shower, change, relax and forget the past three days.”

“I’m angry and riled up. I want release.” The fires of her furious passion burned beneath the surface of her calm exterior. Heat radiated from her skin and the scent of her blood invaded Vincent’s nostrils. He ground his teeth, closed his eyes, and dipped his head down to her neck. He growled softly near her jugular. His hunger grew as she whimpered and dug her fingernails into his arms.

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