Daily Prompt: overpowered

From Protector of the Grey House:

As she gathered clean clothes and headed to the bathroom, the thought of where the pair might be slipped into her mind. If they weren’t in the bedroom, where were they? Natalia pushed the thought aside time and time again, but it returned. The thought overrode other desires and instead of showering as planned, she stripped and pulled on her clean clothes. She paused several times as the thought overpowered her, but she was able to breathe deeply and control her actions.

Once dressed, she allowed the thought to return carefully as she headed slowly to the security room. Due to the number of people in the training room last night, she guessed that all the bedrooms were occupied. The couple weren’t in the sitting room, library or ballroom. That left Vincent’s study, the large meeting room, or the dungeon. She could look in the remaining rooms and would if the guard in the security room didn’t want to help her. At the door to the security room, she took a deep breath then opened the door. Charlie grinned at her as she entered.

“Hi! What’s up?”

As it was Charlie, she tossed aside her carefully thought-out speech. “Where’s Vincent?”

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