Daily Prompt: twitch

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent gave him a sardonic look as Joseph closed the box and handed it back. “That was not a factor in my decision, and you know it.”

A twitch of a smile came to his lips. “Of course not. But if she has rank and knows how important she is to you, perhaps she’ll stay after she kills Donald.”

Vincent was silent as he locked the box back in his drawer. He looked to Joseph. “One can hope.”

Joseph nodded. “When do you plan on presenting this to her?”

“Next time I see her.”

Joseph nodded, picked up his glass, fetched Vincent’s off the windowsill and presented the untouched liquor to his master. The two toasted to Natalia, and hoped for her quick return. They finished off the liquid, exited the study, and joined the others in the training room.

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