Daily Prompt: headed

The first word today was “retailer” which does not appear in my trilogy. It did make me think of my years in retail and how much that SUCKED. Be kind to all people, including those who work in retail.

From Protector of the Grey House:

In the sitting room, Joseph left Natalia and headed through the other rooms to the master bedroom. He opened the curtain on the end of the bed, saw Mierka on the left side and Vincent on the right. Joseph tied the curtain open and went to the left side first. She lay on her side, facing Vincent. Joseph he pulled gently on her shoulder until she lay on her back. He leaned in and kissed her to wake her. Mierka opened her eyes and pushed her lover away carefully.


“Stay quiet for a moment.” He nearly whispered.

Mierka frowned but kept her voice low as well. “He’s fine.”

“Natalia may not be. There was an incident this morning.”

“Wake him and tell him.”

“Were you able to return his mind to him?”

“He’ll be under control. He usually is after a night with me.” She did not speak in a boastful manner.

Joseph nodded and went to the left side of the bed. “Vincent.”

Mierka rolled her eyes, then reached over and shook Vincent’s shoulder.

He woke and glared at her. “There are better ways of waking me.”

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