Daily Prompt: features

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Why do you think something happened?” Vincent took over. Anthony indicated Natalia with his head. Vincent turned and saw the expression of defeat on her lovely features. He turned back to Anthony and thought to get the man out. “Ease your mind, Anthony. What she is thinking probably has nothing to do with either of us. Now, have you finished yelling at me about my woman?”

Anthony looked at Vincent, and felt as if the situation were not truly done. He stared at Vincent for a moment and realized anything else he had to say would fall on deaf ears. Therefore, he nodded, turned, and left the room to stew in his own frustrations.

As the door slammed shut, Vincent turned and caught Natalia as she collapsed. He took her carefully in his arms, sat her on his lap, and cradled her close. “You won’t be doing that again.”

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