Daily Prompt: plaything

From Protector of the Grey House:

As he moved out of the way and into the house, Joseph tried again. “Sir, there may be details you don’t want him to know.”

“I am done with secrets. Fetch Natalia, now.”

“Really? Fetch? As if I’m a plaything? Or a bone?”

Her voice stopped him dead in his tracks. She stood to the left of the staircase, her hand on the railing. She wore a flowing blue top, with slacks and sensible shoes. He narrowed his eyes. He wanted her out of those clothes and in his bed. Vincent growled and turned his attention to Joseph. “Where is Anthony?”

“Here, Vincent.” His voice came from the right, near Vincent’s study. The man looked troubled but relaxed.

Vincent looked back and forth between the two, then growled at Natalia again. “You betrayed me.” His anger, which he thought satiated, came back ten-fold. “Tell me why I shouldn’t strip you of your rank and toss you into the oubliette.”

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