Daily Prompt: sentry

From Protector of the Grey House:

Ashley and Donavon spoke for a few moments, looked around, then went to a room further down the hall. Natalia carefully walked down the hall and peered into the room, as if looking for someone she knew. She caught a glimpse of Ashley and Donavon. Their lips were locked in a deep kiss and his hands roamed her body. Revulsion and hatred engulfed Natalia and she almost ran into the room. She restrained herself and left to find a hiding spot close by. She waited until Ashley emerged.

Donavon went back to stand sentry and Ashley went to the elevators. Natalia made her way downstairs and waited for Ashley. Once hidden, she glanced at her watch. She still had a few hours. She needed to get Ashley away from Donavon and Donavon away from the hospital. She could take care of both at once, as long as she had enough time. She hoped she did.

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