Daily Prompt: longest

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia and Mierka lay on the longest limo seat, whispering to each other. Neither were dressed and they were pressed close together, chest to chest. Natalia’s back was to the seat back. They kissed occasionally and caressed each other as they talked. Mierka stopped talking as the car stopped. She listened to the sounds of a gate opening for a moment then sighed.

“We’re here.”

“You sound disappointed.”

“I wanted the evening to last longer.” Mierka moved to sit on the edge of the seat. She grabbed her clothing.

“I enjoyed being with you, but I want to drive Vincent crazy.” Now that Mierka was out of the way, Natalia was able to sit up as well. She grabbed her clothing and started to dress.

Mierka stopped. “We still can. If you drink my blood, allow me to control you…”

Natalia looked to Mierka. “Tell me your plan first, then I’ll decide.”

The lady vampire smirked and told Natalia her plan.

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