Daily Prompt: reviewed

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Our master’s favorite human is acting out of sorts. From what you described, it’s the way the valet acted before he was taken over.” She looked to Angie, then back to Joseph. “And I suspect the master’s favorite human may know there is a secret to find.”

Joseph’s eyes went wide. He looked to Angie. “How much may I take?”

“I haven’t been fed off of in three weeks.”

He nodded, turned back to her arm, and drank what he needed. Once full, Angie moved out of the way, and Joseph stood. He grabbed his pants off the floor and turned to Rebecca, who held out a key. He took it then slipped on his pants.

“Thank you, Angie.”

The woman nodded as she wrapped her bite. She left to tend to it elsewhere. Joseph looked to Rebecca.

“Are we sure?”

“No, but when’s the last time she seemed agitated or nervous? Not angry, mind you, but nervous?”

Joseph reviewed the events of the past few days in his mind and nodded. “Go back to the security room. No one witnesses this but you.”

“Yes, sir.”

They parted ways and hoped for a good outcome.

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