Daily Prompt: useful

I should have cover artwork update by the end of the month. Fingers crossed!

From Protector of the Grey House:

Joseph stood over the weeping child, as hatred grew inside him. He had learned something useful about vampire blood tonight, but at what cost? What would it take to separate Natalia from Vincent’s hold? He could try his own blood but didn’t want the strong woman under his control. He reached down to pick her up off the floor. There had to be a way to break Vincent’s hold. He tried to stand her on her feet, but she wouldn’t have it. Annoyed, he slung her over his shoulder, dismissed the wolves with a wave and walked out of the room toward the library.

He didn’t know where else to take her. All the bedrooms, although currently empty, belonged to someone. Even the guest bedrooms were being used. He couldn’t place her in her bedroom, as Vincent might smell her. Joseph was pretty sure Mierka, and Vincent had ended up in the tower room and wanted to keep Natalia far away from there. His only other options were the library or the room he shared with Mierka. Under other circumstances, he wouldn’t hesitate to take Natalia to his bed, but now was not the time for that. If he were to sleep with her, he wanted the woman, not the brainless child that sat and pouted angrily at him.

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